Today we gave presentations of our ideas for our final major projects.

I spoke about how I am going to be basing my work for my FMP around my entry for The Macmillian Prize 2016. I will be working to the same deadline and by the end of the project I will have a finished completed book by the end of the project.

My presentation can be viewed here: FMP Presentation

I received feedback for my FMP from my peers and some of their suggestions were:

  • make sure that the narrative which I will be using is finalised before I begin the illustrations
  • consider how the books are printed, are they printed by images in colour first and then text is re-printed over the top?
  • look at successful children’s books to see why they are so successful and how this is achieved.
  • Think about if there is a plot twist to a story – look at other examples and see if there is a theme that runs through the story (also is there another level of story which the adults can understand?)
  • Visit a zoo to gain ideas, and do drawing in situ/ observational drawings.

From this, I am going to read children’s books to see if I can gain any ideas for my own, get the story written and completed and decide if it will have a meaning behind it and also research types of children’s books, e.g. popup, flap books, or just picture books. I will also look at Bruno Munari’s ABC and decide on what type of book mine will be; at this point I am torn between letters or a narrative which is slightly educational. IMG_2287.JPG



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