What Animals Do When They Escape From The Zoo 

One day, Rusty the red panda noticed that a branch from the tree in his enclosure had fallen down, and if he walked along it very carefully, then he would be able to escape from his treehouse and visit the other animals in the zoo. That night, he decided to do just that. He waited until all of the zookeepers had left, and whilst it was dark, he climbed the branch up and out of his enclosure. He explored all around. First he saw the tigers, then he saw the elephants, followed by the lemurs and zebras. When he saw the monkeys, he decided that he would like some friends to explore with, and so he unlocked the door, and let them all free.

The monkeys ran riot all over the zoo, letting all of the other animals out of their enclosures and the zoo became chaos. While all of the animals were free, they all decided to do things that they always wanted to do. They took their chances to escape from the zoo and made the most of their freedom.

  • The lemurs went on a hot air balloon ride
  • The tigers went skiing
  • The lions rode a rollercoaster
  • The penguins had a picnic,
  • The giraffes got married,
  • The zebras went to Disneyland
  • The snakes rode a skateboard
  • The bears baked a cake
  • The tortoises went surfing
  • The meerkats went to a carnival
  • The hippos went to the seaside
  • The pandas partied
  • The kangaroos went camping
  • The gorillas went swimming
  • The elephants had a tea party
  • The peacocks went sailing
  • The otters went snorkelling
  • The flamingos ate ice cream
  • The monkeys did a bungee jump
  • The cheetahs had a food fight

And before the zookeepers noticed they were gone, they all went back to their enclosures and pretended nothing had ever happened.

The end.


The narrative is intended to be completely ridiculous and humourous to children between the ages of 3 and 7. So far, I have ideas to have to have each animal doing a separate activity on each page, but I am not yet sure about how I will compose the text and illustrations of the introduction to the story. This is something which I will experiment with and see what looks best. I have written down 20 ideas of what I could include the animals doing when they escape, as I wanted to make the illustrations as fun as possible. I may not include all of these ideas, but I will experiment with each of my ideas for my drawings and then decide what to include when I have a variety of drawing s and I can include the most successful ones.


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