Today we had a workshop on the different options which are available of how to make a website for ourselves. Sylvia talked us through how we could use websites which provide a service to create our own (Hosted CMS), a self hosted wordpress to create our own and have more freedom with creating and customising our sites.

We were introduced on how to begin with making a website; this included making a plan of wire frames to see how it will look, and the inclusion of GIF files being a good way to showcase your work on your website.

The three fundamentals to having a website are considered as

  • Trends – which are driven by the audience and what people seem to like
  • Free – so that people can easily access your website, and being free it attracts more traffic to your site
  • Driven by the crowd – what people like to see, and the way that they use/view the website

Wikipedia is an example of an open site because anyone can add to their pages, and it is then looked over by the admin team.

One important thing that I learned today is that the web is “driven by the crowd” in terms of people using the Internet have a lot to do with the design and content which is available.

We spoke about the very basics of HTML and CSS which I found it hard to understand but I now know  why it is used and what for (very basically).

When beginning to build a website you start with designing it and creating a mock version in illustrator or photoshop which can then be imported to create the actual website of building your own from scratch.

There are websites available to help you build and customise your own such as squarespace, WIX and Tsohost.

We then moved on to talking about ways to get people to view your website such as QR codes on business cards and social media sites linked to your website. And these can easily be created by just searching how to do it on google and you can create one this way.

I found this workshop very helpful and it has given me a few starting points to begin considering when making my proper website. I will look at the different options that Sylvia has given to me and consider which one to use.

So far, I am considering using Tsohost to create my website as I think that this would be the easiest option for me, but I am planning on having a look at each of the options first.


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