Knowing that I wanted to create a project based on animals and humour. I took a visit to London zoo, so that I could do some drawing in situ and photograph the animals for reference as well as the zoo location, and I could then use these as a starting point for research and drawings so that I had some of my own references to take idea from. These are the photographs that I took whilst I was there:



I didn’t get a chance to do many drawings whilst I was at the zoo because it was busy and so I couldn’t see them well enough to draw them, so I did a few, and mostly took photographs so that I can use them for reference in later drawings. These are all animals that I would like to include within my project, so they will all help me to develop my drawings as I will be using them to refer back to when drawing more developed images as well as rough sketches.

This was a good place for me to begun my project research as it has made me feel like I can’t wait to get started with my ideas and sketches.


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