Today I gave my present and promote presentation to the illustration and animation courses. Although I wrote some notes to prompt me with what to talk about alongside the slides, when giving the presentation I seemed to lose my place with them after 3 slides, so I didn’t use them in the end.

I think that I covered all of the points which I intended to, and I think that it came across in a confident and strong way. After finishing my presentation I asked if there were any questions and was asked about what website I used to create my personal website, and what my strongest form of self promotion is across social media platforms. I replied with saying that from the illustrators that I have been in contact with, they all seem to suggest that Twitter challenges such as #colour_collective and @animalalphabet are a strong way to get involved, and so I will use Twitter as one of my strongest forms of social media, but intend to keep them all up to date to cover a larger audience, as someone who follows me on Twitter may not follow me on Instagram.

I feel as though my presentation went well and am pleased with how I presented myself. I hope that my audience feel the same way about my presentation today.


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