Upon reading a few different children’s stories, I have have made my decision to create a story in the same way that an alphabet book works. I am going to call it ‘What Animals do when the Escape from the Zoo’.

It will list various activated which humans undertake, but the escaped animals will be doing them as if they were humans, such as giraffes getting married, monkeys sunbathing and lemur sat on the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada’ sign. I wanted to add in a few things like this so that the story would be humorous for children as well as adults.

The story will start with the animals escaping from the zoo by breaking free from their enclosures. I will be using parts of the stories I have read from the articles, as well as making the up myself.

I have written down ideas that I could have the animals doing, and I will sort through these and see what animals would be funny to do these activities. IMG_2354.jpg



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