Today I went to a presentation given by Paddy Molloy who is a London based  illustrator/animator. Molloy spoke about his journey of becoming an illustrator, his practice, and gave advice on the importance of relationships between the client, partners and also the audience of the work produced.

To begin Molloy talked about where he studied and explained his cross disciplinary approach to working. His interest in narrative and image coming together to create something entirely new. Molloy spoke about his work as an I dependant practitioner and the work he has created for the likes of The Guardian and New York Times.

The process of Molloy’s work was very interesting for me as he  shoed rough copies of his work in his presentation and how his work developed, and also takes about how sometimes, it’s better to work quickly because these ideas stay closest to your original ideas.

Molloy talked about his relationships between him and people from other disciplines such as graphic designer Hannah Montagu, and




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