Today we had the final critiques of our RSA animations to go with the audio files. I was pleased with what people had to say about my animation as I didn’t get much bad feedback, however the overall consensus is that there was too much trying to be fitted into it, and therefore you can not enjoy the animation because of this. This lead us to speaking about simplifying the animation down to make it more easier on the eye for the audience.

I have thought about what they said and I do agree with this, as I feel that it’s quite fast and therefor requires effort for the audience to keep up, and this takes away from the understanding of what is being said.

Other notes taken down for me whilst giving my presentation were as follows:  

We were also taking about making it fun and silly and enjoyable for the viewer to watch, and I could achieve this by splatting the play dough and spaghetti together and just animating key words.

I am going to take what has been said into consideration and continue working with these changes to see how this changes my animation.


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