As a way of promoting my self and my work, I have decided to create some social media accounts as this is how I have found some of my favourite illustrators and thought that it would also be a good way to network with illustrators and publishing companies, because I want to get as many followers as possible so that a wide audience can see my work. I have started my making a Twitter account under the name of @SCIllustrates

I do not have many tollowers yet as it is a new account, but u hope to be updating this with current work and what I’ve been looking at, what has inspired me and to contact other illustrators.

Another account I have made is an Instagram account, also under the name of SCIllustrates. I intend to ise this account for the same uses as the Twotter account, as I am have  followers on Twitter  which do not follow me on Instagram and this is a great example of reaching out to a wider audience.

A Facebook account also reaches a wide audience as this is the most popular for of social media, so I have also created an account on here under my full name. On Facebook when my profile is completed I will invite everyone to like my page and update it in the same way that I plan to use my Twitter and Instagram accounts, again, this will also reach a wider audience as there are people who have Facebook who do not have any other forms of social media.

I have kept the usernames of each of my accounts the same as this makes them easier to find for my audience and also relate to my website name. Each of these accounts are linked to eachother and also to my professional website which will hopefully help attract people to my website to see my work.


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