After working more on adding in the final frames and changing a couple of     the already placed ones, I have now completed my animation. I am quite pleased with the way that it has turned out as this is the first proper full length animation I have created. I used Adobe After Effects to edit it together, I am pleased with the over all outcome, as my intentions were to make it look like a hand drawn flip book, there the viewer can feel like they are involved with the animation as the hands are included so it could look like it is them seeing it with their own eyes.

I particularly like the frames that include my hands placing and scrunching the lettering because it looks like they are moving, the same as when my hands are placing the cut out letters onto the background. I would improve the overall look of it by including more ways of including different forms of lettering and also sure that all of the frames are a brighter white.

Here is the finished product:


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