I know that I want to have a story including mainly animals, and so I am going to use the idea of an animal escaping from their cage in the zoo. I thought a good place to start would be to look at news articles of if this has happened before. I came across some very interesting stories of various animals making a break from the zoo, and also what they did while they were free. 

I will be adapting my chosen story to be more suited to children of my chosen age range. These are the best stories which I have come across so far: 


See The Top 12 Zoo Escapes

My favourite ones are: 

Rusty the Red Panda – 

A humboldt penguin escaping to a bay –  

Ken Allen the Oragutan –  


And Capone the Rhesus Monkey – 

These stories all give me ideas about how the animal will escape, but I need to develop the story so that I decide what they get up to when they escape. 

I feel as thought this is a good starting point for my story, but I need to plan out and decide which animal to go with and then finalise the story, ready for me to then begin the illustrations. 


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