As we are beginning  working on our Final Major Projects, we have to write a project proposal for our intentions of this project. The aim for mine is to create a printed book or images for an interactive book app.

I already have a story in mind which is called Running Wild which has been written by a friend of mine. So far I have only read briefly through the story, but I really like it already. My intentions for this project are to explore different media such as screen printing and digital softwares to create illustrations that support the narrative.

I have yet to decide on a style and to make a time plan of what I need to be working on in order to achieve this.

Today’s session was about writing our project proposals and thinking about critical threnody and analysis of the intentions of these new projects. I have chosen to work on a narrative brief because this is something that I have always wanted to do and would love to have the experience and see how to go about creative narrative illustrations for a book or app.

From talking about my idea I am now clear on where I need to start planning and what I need to do in order to create this book or app. I will be thinking about sourcing in people for tasks which I am unclear on how to do, and also create a timeframe so that I can manage my time effectively. I also need to look at artists and illustration in the particular style which I am planning to explore within my work, look at character design to fit to the given characters for Running Wild, as well as creating location scenes for the backgrounds. These are all things which I will investigate when writing my project proposal.


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