As we had tutorials with who best suited our needs for our animation projects, I spoke to both tutors so that an input from both of them would be very useful. I firstly spoke to Rachel about typographers and typefaces that I am planning to research and use, and also how I can add another layer to the excerpt of ‘Towards and Educatuonal (R)evolution’. We spoke about using colour and typefaces to exaggerate and illustrate what the words mean, and how this could then be communicated.

I then spoke to Anna about how I would for the timing of my frames to the exact timing of the words being spoken, and she told me how to achieve this using both Premier and After Effects. I also asked about how I would elongate a word on screen is this is the case in the audio, and she explained that I could then take multiple photographs of each of the frames to make it last as long on screen as it does in the audio. This helped me out as I didn’t understan how I would achieve using different lengths of time for different frames using DragonFrame. I intend to do it that was because this will make it flow more from frame to frame.


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