As I am working more and more on my essay, I am beginning to feel better about it as the feedback I was given about it has changed it for the better. I have been more confident and formal with the language I have used within it, made sure that it is clear so that it is obvious what I am trying to communicate with the reader, I had added more quotations to back up what I have been saying and spoken more about convergence culture, as I didn’t have much of this information about it before. 

I still want to add more analysis to each of my case studies, and back up my arguments with references and quotation to the research I have carried out. 

I had a quick tutorial today and the main point given to me was just to expand more on what convergence culture is and also include some information about what term of culture I am referring to within it, as it could mean different areas within culture, so I am going to make sure that this is clear to the reader. Analysing each of the case studies more will also help with making it easier and more interesting to read, as they will know exactly what I am trying to communicate. 


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