We are at the stage now where we are giving presentations on how far we are into our project, and showing the direction in which we are taking our work.
We each gave a presentation today to show our storyboards, animatics, and animation tests. My presentation included where I am with planning, and that I have started to make tests for my final animation. This is the presentation which I gave today:

RSA Presentation pdf

RSA Presentation pp

As I wasn’t sure whether to go with the hand drawn frames or the digital one, I asked the people who I presented to today, and the feedback from them was very helpful, as they said that they thought that the hand drawn one flowed more because of the different uses of typefaces and the colours used. After we showing them my storyboard they also mentioned that I would work in a more literal way, by using my hands in the images and creating a stop frame animation. I think Thai is a really good idea, and I am going to go with the hand drawn technique, as I prefer the look of this one, and it feels more personal to me, which is why I chose this brief.

In order to ouch my work forward, I am going to read through the excerpt again, and think of ways which I can illustrate the meaning of the word visually, e.g. cutting out the words and moving them around the frame.

I thought that giving this presentation really helped because the feedback has motivated me to begin drawing out my final frames, and thinking of ways that they can move around the shot.


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