I found today’s talk from Joseph Wallace to be the best Industry Friday talk yet. I loved his animations and I found his presentation very interesting.

Firstly, Joseph talked about his research and which artists,  animators and film makers inspire him and his work. He then went on to give advice, by saying ‘expose yourself to as much as you can’ in terms of competitions, events, talks etc, because this is a very good way to make connections. He also said that if you get a good idea, then to write it down, along with if you don’t like something, then make are to note why, as these are things which you will not be including in your own work, and it is important to understand why you don’t like something, as this will then feed into your practice.

He then spoke about how he became interested in film making and theatre, and his experience of growing up working with theatre groups in Bristol, and then him taking on the role of teaching the children himself.

He talked about a couple of his grad year films called ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ and ‘The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling’ He made these as his first proper animations. He talked us through his storyboarding

and the way that he builds his sets using found objects such as cardboard from cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes, corks etc.


Joseph talked about how visualising and getting ideas onto paper help him massively. Using close up shots   of the protagonist helps the viewer to make a connection with them. Using as many different materials as he can to see what works best.

Joseph then showed us a couple more of his films, La Vue, The Doctors Tale, Natural Disaster and La Foret Sauvage.

Joseph finished his talk by mentioning his Scandinavian and UK tour and also giving the advice that sometimes you don’t have to spend lots of time on a project, because working fast usually tends to stay closer to the original vision. Another thing that Joseph said was to make sure that we document our ideas, no matter what they are, and along with this, write what gave you the idea, how, when, why, how you’re feeling and your intentions with your ideas, because coming back to you’re ideas a few weeks later, you may not remember what yo were going to do with your ideas.

I really enjoyed Joseph’s talk because I found his work fascinating, and it has now got me really interested in animation, and thinking about different techniques that I could use to create my own animation within the RSA brief.


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