I have used the storyboarding to put together an animatic of my animation to see how it would possibly look. I have tried to match it up with the audio as best as I can, but as it was my first time using After Effects, it was all very new to me. I found it quite easy, once I knew what I was doing, but to start with I found it hard to work out how it worked. To find out how to do things I looked at online tutorials, and they seemed to help a lot, and also got me used to some of the tools in After Effects. I had some difficulty exporting my animatic as I had never done it before, but again, I looked at online tutorials and this solved my problem.

I think that my animatic looks okay, but it looks very dull and boring, so I could do with adding some colour and using different fronts to give me a better idea of how it would look when it comes together. I think that doing this would dramatically change the overall image of it because it will make it more attractive to the viewer. Also, having no movement of the words will hopefully make it flow more and be more visually pleasing.

Here is my animatic:


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