I have spent today planning the way that I want my animation to look, and so I have explored different ways of creating kinetic typography animations by looking online and watching online tutorials on how to go about putting them together. I think that a good direction to take my animation would be to use after Effects to create it, as after losing online, this seems like the best choice as I think that if it was to draw out the frames, I would probably change my mind with how they look when putting them together, and so by doing it digitally, I will save myself a lot of time, because I can easily change type layouts, typefaces, colours and other aspects. When I decided that I was going to be using After Effects, I thought that a good way to start would be storyboarding my ideas, as I knew how I wanted them to look in my head, but once I get them out on paper, I would see if my ideas would work well together or not.

I have done a very basic storyboard to show some of the movements that I want to be using, but I haven’t included many images, as I am not yet sure if I want to include many images, or just a selected few for certain words. I have yet to think about how some of the words are going to move on screen, but I have ideas for most of them.

DSC00156 DSC00157 DSC00158


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