Whilst researching into ways that I could animate the type for the RSA brief, I have come across a few kinetic typography animations which I really like and would like to use this ideas to do something similar for the ‘Towards an Educational Revolution’ excerpt. I want to keep my animation flowing and visually interesting, as I am not using a narrative, I do not want it to be boring for the viewer. Here are my favourite ideas which I would like to base my animation on.

My favourite thing about this one, is they way that the actual words are used to illustrate the purpose, for example, the way that puppets on strings is portrayed by the words hanging on letters, and also the way that the sound from the trumpet grows with the flourish in time with the music. This is an idea that I would like to experiment with in my own animation. I also really like how it looks like we are not just looking at one scene because of the way that the words move around the space. I think that the connections from word to word flow really nicely, in that it it visually made to link, like the magnifying glass connecting the next verse of the song, and the car that flows to the next line.

What I really like about this one is the way in which the text moves ever so slightly as well as being added to as the story goes on. The background also adds to how the story is portrayed, as it makes it feel mysterious, similar to the previous one, I also like the transition from text to images and as they are very subtle, it can be quite hard to notice them in certain places. When watching this it reminded me of Sin city, the comic version, because of how limited and simple the shapes are in the images. The simplicity of the images in this is what i would like to build on for my animation, because I think that it works beautifully with he simple lines and the curvature in the letters in the typeface used.

Similar to the other two I have shown, I also like this one because of the use of words to illustrate their own meanings. The workshop in the shape of a saw was a particular favourite of mine, along with how the words move but still relate to each other. The use of different typefaces works really well here, and this is something which I want to do with mine, as I think that if I used all of the same typeface, then it would quickly get boring, and one of my biggest aims within this is to make sure that it flows and is visually interesting for the viewer, so that even if they find what is being said to be dull, they can watch the animation and not feel so bored because what is going on will be upbeat and interesting to watch.

These are all ideas which I think would look really great together if I manage to do it well enough, I want to practice using After Effects ignorer to crate this, as if I was to draw it frame by frame then it would probably take me a lot longer, and it will also be easier when it comes to editing it together at the end and matching up the texts with the spoken words.

What I


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