In today’s present and promote workshop we got together with the animation students. We were put into pairs, and gave eachother tutorials on the work which we had produced so far on the RSA animation breifs.

I had my tutorial with Niall, and I found this very useful of the way that he gave me ideas that I hadn’t thought of, such as using 3D type e.g smarties to create lettering. He also suggested ways in which I could  use movement such as ‘squash & stretch’ to make my type move around the frame, which. I thought is an interesting idea to look into, as I would like to keep my works as alive as possible so that it doesn’t not become boring for the viewer. These are the points that the tutorial bought up for me, and they are all ideas which I would like to have a go working with.

I then gave a tutorial to Niall, and as he said that he was working on a paper cut animation, I suggested to look at Rob Ryan, even though it is a  different style, I thought that his work may be of interest to him as he is a papercut artist. I wasn’t sure on what to say to him about his animation, as I hardly know anything myself about animation, but from an illustration point of view, I suggested that he could toy with the idea of collage and maybe use photographs of textures to make up his image.

After tutorials, we got back together as a class and presented our partners work to everybody else. I spoke about how Niall had explained his work to me and also what I suggested to do to improve his animation. I think that having the tutorial with Niall has got me excited to work on this project and so I will now be putting a lot more effort into it as I now have an idea of how I would like it to look.


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