I have come across a website about surveys taken concerning the print versus digital debate. These findings are interesting because this is an american survey, and I would like to know if these findings are similar in other parts of the world also. These  these are the findings:

A new study by Publishing Technology finds U.S. millennials—defined as people currently between the ages of 18 and 34—almost twice as likely to read a print book as an ebook.

That finding squares with similar print preferences Pew researchers found among older readers as well. Among adults 18 and up, 28% read an ebook in 2014 as compared with the 69% of those who read at least one print book.

Results from the Publishing Technology survey also suggests young readers are equally comfortable with digital and analog modes of book discovery. 45% of millennials report learning about new titles by word-of-mouth recommendations, 32% by online browsing and 25% by browsing through a physical store or library.

http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2015/new-survey-finds-millennial-readers-clinging-to-print/  ( accessed 19th October 2015)

These findings may be useful to me when writing my essay, as I can back up my theories with these statistics, although I think that other factors would have varied findings in this survey such as age, gender and interests.


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