As part of my research for my essay, and as I am using three examples, I have researched into how the ebook version of Alice in Wonderlands works. I downloaded it from the ibook store for free, and soon noticed that the layout to this medium is pretty much the same as the printed book version, except for the media through which it is consumed. The cover of the book is in colour but aside from that, no other of the illustrations which  are placed throughout the story are in colour, and are the well known illustrations by John Tenniel which most people are familiar with when they think of this story. However, there is a small gallery of illustrations which include colour at the end of the story, and these feature different illustrators, as well as John Tenniel. There isn’t a huge difference in the appearance between the ebook and the printed copy, aside from the fact that it is free to download, whereas you would have to buy the book, and inside the book also has advertisements for the digital publisher. I am surprised at how similar it has been kept to the original book. I would argue that people what to keep the same layout as they are familiar with what they are used to, even if it is though a different medium.

Noticeable differences between the the mediums are that the ebook didn’t cost a penny, whereas the printed book did, the page changing method is obviously different to a physical medium, and the printed version does not have advertisements in it, unlike this version.


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