This is going to be the first case study for my essay, and so I decided to go for the printed version as the first study because this one of the first forms of media, also books are the foundation upon which both Ebooks and interactive books have built on.

This is the paperback version, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (28 Nov. 2014).

I will be looking at this version as it is only a slightly appropriated version of the original story, although it has no illustrations inside on the pages, the layout of the words are the same. The illustration on the cover is taken from the original illustrations by John Tenniel.

When reading this book there are various differences to reading the narrative through an Ebook and interactive book. The obvious is that it is in no way digital, and so it is portable and convinient and involves no waiting for startup or no need to charge a battery, unlike the other two medias.

Reasons why people prefer printed books over digital versions are that they are easier to move around, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out, you only have to pay for it once, and then it belongs to you forever (unlike when renting an Ebook or interactive book in some cases)

From surveys I have found that the majority of people who preferred to read the hard copy of a book (over an Ebook or interactive) prefer this because they are free to read it whenever and wherever, and there are never any complications involved with a printed book. The physicality of a printed book plays a big part for the reason that it is people like to feel cosy and that they can get lost in the book, and this seems harder to do when it is digital. Another reason is that we have become so involved with technology in everyday life, people do like to feel as though they can relax and switch off when they are not having to concentrate at looking at screens.


I did notice when I came to buy the book that the kindle version from amazon is free, where as you have to pay £5.99 for the paperback version. This could be a contributing factor to the argument as to whether people prefer to read physically or digitally, as this may impact how they decide to consume this particular story.


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