Today’s industry Friday talk was by Andy Robinson, who is the project director of FutureCity.  FutureCity is an arts and cultural comissioning agency who specialise in arts, culture, science and technology who create public spaces for people from all walks of life. 

Andy began his talk by introducing his agency and explaining what they do. The first thing that Abdy spoke about was ‘streamline’ which was a sculptural installation of the space and direction in which the plane travels. This is exhibited in Heathrow airport. He then went on to explaining how they have an input with healthcare, as all the provided space there (if any) is so dull. 

He talked about recent projects that the agency had worked on and spoke about the different sides to this one huge project they had taken on, which was to create a diverse building of a “community centre-like” space for which people would host all kinds of activities such as children’s parties, to yoga classes, to charity events; along with an outdoor space for diverse events.  

The next topic was about working with London fieldworks and then some of the people and projects that the agency has been involved with such as the Magnum agency of with their project was to document places and people in inner city London. 

Next was their work with Foyles gallery, and how they worked on 

  • ‘Inferno’ with Kent Baker
  • Along side David Levine 
  • Bearspace in London 
  • Mark Titchner for Foyles gallery

All to help with giving them spaces to exhibit their works. 

Robinson finagled his talk by showing a short video which his agency was involved with by an arts group called Circumstance. 

  ‘Of sleeping birds’ was a video of a group of people played music from android phones on speaker boxes and walked around London. 

I had never understood how much involvement an arts agency would have with connecting people with jobs, but from listening to Andys talk, I am a lot clearer on what they do and how much of an input they have. I personally didn’t find this talk to be very interesting because I thought that, although the it gave me an insight to how art agency’s work, I thought it was rather dull, in the way that this agency is specialised in culture and sciences, this is just not something of interest to me personally.  



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