In todays workshop, I put together the frames for my first attempt at a proper animation. I had drawn out the frames on A4 paper and then photographed them using dragon frame which then made the sequence into a mini animation. However, as this was my first time using DragonFrame, I wasn’t sure at how to export the frames, and it ended up being too fast. I know for next time, but I found using DragonFrame really easy to see your work come together very quickly and I really enjoyed working with it. Here is my first attempt at an animation using DragonFrame:

Now that I know how to use DragonFrame, I feel more confident for this project as I had never done anything with animation before this. After putting together my animation, we then had small tutorials with the people from the animation course, and they sat down and watched what we had produced. They then each gave us tips and tops and this then gave us an idea of how to improve our animations from an animators point of view. We then went on to have mini tutorials with a couple of animators which I found really useful, because they have me some ideas which I hadn’t even thought of, and also how to go about putting together my ideas. The main feedback that I received about my animation was that it was just too fast, which I completely agreed with. Positive comments were that they liked that the style of the typography flowed and also how the use of colour worked within it. I was surprised with the positive comments I received because I really didn’t think that it was any good, but they said that for my animation, it was a good starting point.

Here is the feedback I was given from each of the animators was that I should use more colour, slow it down, add on the sound, use different typefaces and maybe include some images. I will definitely take on boards these comments when creating my final typographic animation. I found this workshop really fun, and am looking forward to starting to work on my final one.


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