Today we had tutorials with our peers to talk about our essay and the structure and to make sure that we knew exactly which direction we were going to take them in. As there was only five of us, we decided to have a group tutorial, in the same way that we would have a group critique. We started with the structure of each of our essays and moved on to talking about each subject, artists and designers for research, how to improve our essays, and how to structure them, talking about the sections of the body of the essay.

I found this a very useful and helpful excercise for my essay because I was undecided on one thing imparticular; whether to focus on Ebooks, printed books and inveractives as a whole, or whether to just pick out one story, and look at the convergence culture within the illustrations for each medium. Having the group crit helped me talk it through with my peers, which lead me to deciding on choosing one story across the mediums, and comparing the similarities and differences of each.

DSC00059 DSC00060
These are my feedback from today’s group tutorials, and using these notes, along with my others, I will begin to construct my draft for my final essay. I plan to use all the points raised, and also to make sure that I structure my essay in the right way for what I am writing about.


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