Image + body + gender = fluidity

In this lecture, Colin spoke to us about the way that we look at people and made assumptions of what kind of person they may be, for example, he picked out Helen and she was wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and a leather band choker necklace. He then went on to point out that the necklace that she was wearing had a link to sex culture. We make judgements on people to do with what they wear, how they talk and how they act, and so Colin spoke about this being a part of social and political dimensions. The meaning of style has a lot to do with this, because how you dress has a lot to do with who you are a a person.

Every text or reading has a social or political dimension, which is partly in the structure of the text itself, and partly in the social relations of the reader. So we assume things on what we already know about the subject.

Colin then talked about ideology, and how that it is only specific to each individual person, as everyone thinks differently about everything. “Ideology: basically involves the constitution and patterning of how human beings live their lives as conscious, reflecting initiators of acts in a structured meaningful world.” – Therborn, G (1980). The ideology of power and the power of ideology, London, Routledge Press, pp,15


1. It defines what exists and what does not exist.

2. What is good, just and what is not.

3. What is possible and what is impossible.

Then Colin talked about how saying ‘I do’ is an ideological term, as it is an everyday saying, where as when you say it when getting marries, it changes your whole life through saying something so small and in significant.

“Through language, gesture and all manner of symbolic social sign” = performative acts.


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