I had decided to go with the RSA brief which was to work individually to produce an animation for an excerpt: ‘Building Possible Futures’ by Debra Kidd. The text is about education and I have chosen this because I feel that I can relate to it as I have the same views. I am going to try to make it influenced by my own opinion as I hope that the viewers will then feel that they can connect with it more than if it was just a neutral piece of information. I would like to make it feel as though what is being said matters, instead of just being instantly forgotten about.

I have researched into different types of animations that I could work with to create this animation, and so I have done a mind map to get me started with some ideas which I could start with. I have put together a mind map so narrow down some ideas as a starting point:


After doing this, I decided to go ahead with the typography angle, as this is something that I am very interested in. I have started researching by looking on the internet and finding certain animation styles that ai think would work really well with this piece of text/audio. I especially liked these certain ones:

and these are my particular favourites:

I like all of these animations for the same reasons; because the type flows and changes into visuals and doesn’t just stay as dead words on a screen. These are the sort of ideas that I would like to be able to incorporate within my animation for Debra Kidd. I want it all to flow and keep the viewer interested in what is being said and going on on screen.


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