In the first Industry Friday of this year, knitwear designer, Jess Quinton of Quinton and Chandwick gave a talk about her work.

Quinton spoke about her partner, Jane Chadwick and her buisness and explained how the company had been running for 15 years. They produce bold printed, high end, quality knitwear goods for men, women, children and homewear. Quinton & Chadwick are a wholesale company who have sold to Hugh end stores such as: Liberty’s, Fortnum & Maison, Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols, Anthropologie and also galleries such as V&A, YMC and independent boutiques. Quinton & Chadwick pride themselves on all products made in English factories. Quinton went on to say that this has helped her companty enormously as people are now a lot more aware of manufacturing and provenance and so buying into the English heratige makes people from all over the world feel like they are buying good quality, classic items which will not need to be replaced.

Another thing that Quinton spoke about was a way of getting people to buy more is to produce a matching set, such as gloves, scarfs, mittens, hats, as people like to have a matching set because it makes them feel more put together.



Japan is the biggest export market as well as Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe & USA. As well as wholesale, working at Slowmotion events is another way to meet the clients as well as the buyers and see if they are satisfied with their products.


Quinton then talked about collaborations with the RA and Barbara Rae. And awards that her company had won such as UKFE Small buisness export award in 2013. Social media is a big way of promoting any business as it is free and lots of people have access to it. Also, it is the best way to get feedback from customers.


I found Quinton’s talk very engaging and interesting even though it wasn’t in my discipline, I think that I have taken away a lot of useful information about how to make it with marketing and that having certain traits about yourself really make you stand out such as the English made products. I would have liked to hear more about how she got into starting  up her own company and what she did when she first left university.


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