We have received the brief for out collaborative project with the animation course. The brief has two options: one is an independent project set by the RSA Student Design Awards, to produce a piece of animation for a piece of text which is no longer than a minute. We have been supplied with two choices of audio clips, which are by Richard Sennett, or Debra Kidd. The other option is to work as a group to produce a music video for Radar Music Videos.

After listening to each of the audio clips and giving it some thought of which project I want to go ahead with, I have chosen the RSA brief, the audio clip by Debra Kidd. My reasons for choosing this were because I feel like I can relate well to this piece of audio and I have had past experiences which have perfectly illustrated what she has said. I think that because I have a personal experience of what she is saying, then I can put my own thoughts and feelings through visually and make this my own personal project.

Here is the text of the excerpt:

When I was a little girl, I used to spend lots of time cutting things out of my mum’s catalogues, and those things were things I imagined I might have in future. They consisted of handsome men, and small children and soft furnishings mostly!

To want something you really have to be able to imagine it,
and to be able to imagine it you have to have some element of experience in it. And for many of our children, that experience is limited. So those children need someone to be imagineers for them. And I think that’s one of the things education should be about. It should be about building possible futures for children and scaffolding and tooling that possible future until they’ve reached a point where they can dream and imagine for themselves.

Sometimes those dreams might seem inconceivable or impossible, and it’s a teacher’s role to show children that no matter where they came from, and no matter what they’ve experienced, the possibility always exists. And I think that dream unites everyone across the education spectrum, regardless of whether they come from right or left.


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